Parent – Child Codependency

A few introductory links to codepedency expressed in parenting, and a few key steps to coping as an adult child of codependent parents (yes, it is a WikiHow page but the piece offers valid advice). There’s nothing special about these particular links, but I hope they might offer a starting point for further exploration of this…

introduction to dissociation

several posts from Psychcentral describing dissociation as a spectrum from: a normal everyday response (e.g. “highway hypnosis);  a useful tool for acute stress;  a useful tool for severe chronic stress/trauma;   and a tool that was previously useful but now is difficult to control.

The Power of Addiction and the Addiction of Power

Gabor Mate, addiction, TED talk, “not why the addiction but why the pain?” Mate’s definition: any behaviour that gives you temporary relief but in the long terms causes harm and you can’t give it up.